Here at Chupi, we are all huge fans of Etsy, we even have our own store! Since launching in 2005, Etsy has become one of the biggest online platforms for small businesses and independent designers. Sellers range from hobbyists to professional artists who use the site to make a living. With over 1 million Etsy shops available to the consumer, it can be pretty challenging to find out the best stores due to the sheer volume of sellers. Having spent many hours checking out whats on offer, here is a list of our top 5 Etsy stores:


Ross Lab

With a vast array of pretty things from which to choose, such as bowls, plates, tea sets and necklaces, Ross Lab is one of our our go-to stores for ceramics. All the beautiful items for sale are handmade at the sellers home in San Jose, California.

Lakeside Leather

The Lakeside Leather store features handmade leather dog collars, belts and accessories, full grain leather, cut from the hide and hand dyed in a wide selection of colours. Our resident office puppies Poppy and Rufus can testify to the quality of their dog collars!

The Object Enthusiast

The Object Enthusiast also sells a variety of homemade ceramics. Owner Emily Reinhardt states “nothing makes me happier than creating with my own hands. I think I’m most excited when i have a lump of clay sitting in front of me, and I look at it and know it will become this physical, tangible thing, an object that does something for someone else, and holds value to its owner. I hope my ceramics become important, heirloom-quality objects, items that hold significance and get handed down to other loved ones” which is something we can definitely identify with!

Heart of Stardust

The Heart of Stardust store features a selection of fabulous cards, prints, and posters all personally designed by our very own illustrator Lisa McHugo! You can check out more of Lisa’s work or get in contact with her about a project at


This store sells amazing festive tissue paper pom poms which are available in over 100 vibrant patterns and colors. Having made several orders, we can testify to how fabulous these really are, perfect for whatever your special occasion may be!