Behind the Scenes, The Swan Feather

Behind the Scenes, The Swan Feather

Ever wondered how the Chupi Feather Necklaces and Earrings manage to capture so many minute details and all the delicacy of a real swan feather? Well here’s your chance to find out with a sneak peak into the Chupi studio!
Finding the Perfect Feather
The first challenge is finding a feather beautiful enough to be made into a forever piece of jewellery. After searching high and low the perfect feather is found in Portabello by banks of the grand canal. Now it’s time for the fun to start. The feather is carefully hand painted with copper paint.
Creating a Mould
This copper encased feather is then used to make a mould which in turn will be used to cast the swan feather pieces. Above is a picture of a silocone mould which captures all the tiny details of the swan feather. Ready to start the next stage of transformation from swan feather to gold feather pendant.
Casting our Beautiful Forever Piece
The mould is then used to cast a sterling silver feather which is then coated in 18k gold vermeil. Above you can see all the beautiful details that have been kept throughout the process immortalising the swan feather forever. The swan feather jewellery is also available in a striking sterling silver which shines just as brightly as the gold. We hope you love the swan feather as much as we do and enjoyed a peek behind the scenes at Chupi

If you like what you see here, you can view the finished swan feather necklace in gold here.

What Chupi piece would you like to know more about?

Dorothy x