Gold Rush

Gold Rush

We often get enquiries about the method used to transform our sturdy sterling silver pieces into glittering gold that capture the magpies eye in everyone. When buying gold there are loads of terms to get used to and it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. The three terms that you will probably encounter most are solid gold, gold fill and gold plating. Chupi aims to bring you the highest quality jewellery possible and while solid gold is fantastic gold fill is equally amazing. Gold fill is the method Chupi uses to make her beautiful chains, earring hooks and clasps for instance. People often assume they are the same thing but there is a world of difference between gold plating and gold fill. Gold fill is the next best thing to solid gold. This makes gold fill the perfect choice for Chupi as she is bringing sparkle into her customers lives that will continue to sparkle log after gold plating would have worn away.

There is 100 times more gold used to create a gold fill piece than there is used to create a gold plated piece, this instantly shows the huge difference in quality. Gold fill pieces are created by gold being pressure bonded to a metal, in Chupi’s case this metal is the highest quality nickel free brass. The combination of these two metals creates a forever piece for the customer that can be cherished forever. Chupi uses nickel free 14k gold fill which is 14k gold pressure bonded to brass. Gold filled jewellery has all the same characteristics as solid gold jewellery so your piece will be strong and durable as well as gorgeous and because god fill doesn’t flake, chip, discolour or wear down for 20-40 years it really is a lifetime product. Personally I love the idea that the jewellery can be passed down to future generations creating a beautiful heirloom. Unlike gold plating the pieces will not flake, rub off or change colour. Gold fill is also super sturdy and doesn’t break easily so although Chupi’s chains appear light and delicate to the touch they are very strong and perfect for everyday wear. Another benefit of gold fill is that Chupi’s pieces can be worn by people who suffer from allergies who are able to wear gold. Chupi’s ear wires and chains are also suitable for allergy sufferers all being made from 14k gold.

Gold or Silver, what’s your favourite?

Dorothy x