If you’re anything like me you will want your jewels as sparkly as the day you bought them. There is nothing like putting on a beautiful piece of jewellery to set off your outfit giving it that little bit of extra oomph and making you feel fabulous and confident for the day. Even popping on a new ring can make the world of difference and make you feel instantly more stylish. To keep your jewellery in tip top shape we recommend that you treat it well and it will return the favour by looking amazing.

There are a few basic steps you can follow to ensure that your jewellery stays it’s best, and by taking this little extra care you will reap the benefits of owning a forever piece of jewellery. Firstly after wearing your jewellery you should wipe it with a soft cloth cloth before storing it correctly in the box it came in. Make sure all clasps are closed and pieces are all spaced or in separate boxes so as not to scratch each other. When getting ready do your hair, makeup and perfume first to avoid the jewellery coming in contact with chemicals that may damage the piece, just pop the jewellery on after. Always remember to be extremely careful with your jewellery around water. Saltwater, dish washing water and chorine are all enemies. Just remember to pop your piece off before swimming, showering or washing up to avoid tarnishing your gorgeous piece. If you feel your piece needs a freshening just splash some warm water in a bowl with a teaspoon of baking soda and give the mix a stir. Pop your piece in for a minute to bathe and then pat dry with a soft cloth, return to its box only when fully dry. Always take extra care with gemstones and pearls and if in doubt err on the side of caution and do a little research beforehand. Some gems love a bubble bath while other are more porous and require a little more tlc. Always make sure to be gentle with your jewellery, silver cutlery cleaner will damage your pieces and make sure to avoid abrasive cleaning products that will scratch the surface of all your beautiful jewellery wearing down the surface and reducing its life.

Taking these tiny extra steps ensures that you get the best out of your jewellery. Every piece of Chupi gold plated jewellery should last four to five years with reasonable care. Even after this period the pieces can continue to be replated with gold. Underneath the gold is a solid sterling silver design meaning Chupi’s pieces really are lifetime pieces that you can cherish forever.

Have you any tips for keeping your sparklers sparkling we’d love to hear them?

Dorothy x