The Moonstone people are most familiar with in jewellery is a beautiful milky coloured gemstone that reflects beautiful blue and purple glimmers when held in the light or moves when the jewellery is worn. There are actually loads of different colours of moonstone ranging from yellow to black. Understandably these stones are less popular than the gorgeous moonstone we are used to seeing.
Moonstone is thought of a the yin to the yang in feng shui and is used for its calming qualities as well as representing water. Placing moonstone in a room will lead to more balance.
Moonstone is considered a good luck stone and is often associated with romance and love. Presenting a lover with moonstone is thought to ensure you always have passion in your life.
As moonstone is not a super hard stone it is best to be a little gentle with the jewellery and take a little extra care so as not to damage it. The stone is so stunning though I don’t think anyone would mind being a little careful to keep the sparkler in their life!

Dorothy x