With Mother’s Day on March 6th just around the corner, we have a beautiful selection of gifts for the occasion. The incredible bond between mother and child is unique and should be cherished as such. To signify and commemorate this special bond, Chupi’s Twice as Strong Together ring is made up of two rings to the front, appearing as though they are separate but are both united beneath. A sparkling gold string wraps around your finger, unified and never-ending.

Our Open Heart Ring is the perfect expression of love. Delicate gold outlines an open heart on your finger. As you can see in the top image. Chupi gifted her own mother this particular piece to match her own to signify the close bond between them both.

While the Just The Two Of Us double twig necklace features two of Chupi’s signature twig rings intertwined with each other to signify the link between you and that special person who brings magic to our lives. This double twig necklace celebrates how we are intertwined with each other. Our twig necklace is cast in substantial solid sterling silver then plated in a thick layer of 18k gold. A silver and rose gold version is also available.

Our Part Of Me Jigsaw Necklace serves as a little symbol of how we are all made up of the people who love us. Cast from a single piece of one of Chupi’s favourite childhood jigsaws, each of these pieces can be clicked into another to signify the important connection to the special person in your life.

For an even more personalised gift option, Chupi’s Say My Name Initial Necklaces are fully customisable which can be made to include the name or initials of both you and that special someone on a number of hand stamped gold discs. Show the world the initial that means the most to you; is it your own, or the one you love? Or perhaps both? Pair your initial with a sparkling gemstone, choose the gemstone of the person you love best or choose your own birthstone.

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Happy mothers day to all!