The amount of pure gold found in a sparky gold piece is measured using the karat. People often get this mixed up with carat, spelled with a c which actually refers to the weight of a gemstone. But once your not confusing karats with carrots you’re on the right track.

The higher the karat of gold the larger amount of purer gold present with 24k gold being the highest rating. 24k gold is extremely soft so although you might assume that it is the best to buy this is not necessarily the case. The lower karat golds are just as pretty and shiny but have the benefit of other metals being mixed in to make them more durable. Due to the soft nature of 24k gold it can be easily scratched and bent so you may be wiser saving your hard earned pennies to buy a lower ranking karat that will not get as easily damaged.

The most popular ratings of gold sold all over the world are 10k, 14k and 18k gold. People need to consider their own personal preferences and the durability that they require from a piece. The majority of people then tend to choose 10k or 14k if they want a super hard wearing piece that they will not have to worry about when they are undertaking day to day tasks. Chupi’s pieces are designed to capture all the minute details of tiny teapots, teeny twine and fabulous feathers while being of the highest possible quality to ensure that the pieces live a happy and long life.

What is your favourite gold Chupi piece?

Dorothy x