Lemon quartz is a gorgeous stone that varies from a pale to a intense lemon green. It’s a member of the yellow quartz family including gems such as Citrine. All these yellow gems can be easy to mix up if you don’t know what to look for and lemon quartz is often mixed up with Citrine but the main difference is lemon quartz has green undertones and citrine has brown or orange undertones. Which may be difficult to tell the difference when trying to picture in your mind but when you see the stones together there is a huge difference.

Lemon quartz is used by people to help with communication, making decisions and unclouding the mind to help lead the wearer to good fortune. Wearing the stone is thought to unlock the spirit world and ward of evil thoughts both those of the wearer and those around the wearer. It helps the wearer get rid of feelings of depression, self doubt and brings balance into the persons life.

I think lemon quartz looks amazing in gold settings but is equally fabulous when set in silver. It’s quite a hard gemstone so is perfect for pieces that will be worn everyday and will retain its sparkle after constant wear. As with all precious pieces show them a little love and they will love you forever.

Dorothy x