Blue topaz is a gorgeous addition to any jewellery lovers collection, whether or not you are lucky enough to have this stunning sparkler as your birthstone. There are so many different shades of blue topaz from the palest blue to the deepest London Blue, a shade that happens to be the most expensive blue topaz. In its original form blue topaz tends to be super pale but it is common practise to heat the stone to change the colour. This leads to blue topaz gems having different hues depending on how long the stone is heated for and how high the temperature of the heat is.
Blue topaz is usually found it big chunks before being cut down to size so this means that every stone should be free from imperfections as the gem cutter has scope to cut perfect gems for setting in jewellery pieces. So always look out when browsing pieces that the gems are clear and sparkly.

Blue topaz is a super strong stone just like diamond, which means that it is really easy to care for and clean so you don’t have to worry about it as much as you would softer stones. Just mind that you don’t bang it really hard off things as like diamonds a bang in the wrong place can split the stone due to the hard nature of the stone.

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Dorothy x