New Pieces Autumn Winter 16

New Pieces Autumn Winter 16

With our brand new collection soon to be unveiled, over the next few days we will be featuring a preview of some of the brand new pieces here. One of our favourite new pieces is the 'Your North star' range.

One of the brightest stars of heaven has been captured and held in our Your North Star collection, a tiny sparkling gemstone set in a gold disc. Chupi designed this collection to be a guiding star for moments when you need to remind yourself to follow your heart.

Cast in substantial solid sterling silver then plated in a thick layer of 18k gold from a delicate piece of bark taken from a wild Hawthorn tree found by Chupi in her native Wicklow, the Hawthorn tree is the perfect companion to the sparkling gemstone.

Our 'Your North Star' collection will be available soon as part of our AW16 range on