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I’ve been so lucky over the last few years to get to make so many beautiful engagement and wedding rings for some incredible Chupi brides. I wanted to celebrate our 5th year in business with a collection of crowns and headpieces in glittering gold and silver that will work for a modern bride, the kind of woman who will wear a veil but who wants something sparkly for her hair when she’s dancing the night away. When I got married I couldn’t find a piece to wear in my hair that wasn’t frilly and white; I wanted something gorgeous and sparkly, something I could wear again, a piece that would become a future heirloom that I would one day pass on. I ended up fashioning a headpiece out of a gold hair band, wire, a pair of our raspberry earrings and fresh wild flowers! It felt so lovely to wear but it wilted the next day, I wish I could still wear it today and have all of the love and memories with it! This new collection isn’t just for brides however, these are pieces that can be worn by everyone from brides to bridesmaids, those attending weddings and anything in between.

x Chupi

Crown of Laurels collection

Adorn yourself with a crown of beautiful and delicate laurel leaves which have been a symbol for achievement and reward since Ancient Greece, the perfect reminder of all the amazing things you have achieved.


Find your way home
Rowan Leaf

A delicate branch taken from a Rowan Tree glitters in the light. Having long been known as the "traveller's tree", Rowans are a very beloved tree in Ireland as carrying a piece of Rowan with you prevents those on a journey from getting lost and helps them find their way home.


Stars in the Sky collection

A glittering trail of stars sparkles through the sky, a reassuring guide that reminds us the very best things are ready and waiting for us. Chupi has always been in love with the stars, she is fascinated by the idea that we are all born under a celestial guardian.


Sweetest Thing Raspberry Leaf Collection

These perfect shimmering leaves are cast from a real raspberry leaf. When you see a raspberry cane the fruit draws your eye, but the beauty and strength of the leaves are what makes the berries possible.


Swan Feather Collection

These gold feathers are cast from a real swan feather. Chupi has adored swans ever since she was little for their beauty and strength. Chupi collected hundreds of feathers from along the banks of the Royal Canal in Ireland before she found the perfect one.


Hawthorn Collection

Legend says you must never cut or harm a Hawthorn tree as they are fairy trees. Chupi took a single branch from a tree that fell in the Spring storms so you can enjoy the beauty of the leaves and delicate twigs with the buds about to burst into bloom. Twigs look so delicate but think of the mighty trees supported from such tiny things.