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Solid Gold Zodiac Star Sign Ancient Coin Necklace


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Zodiac Star Sign Ancient Coin Necklace by Chupi.

The stars have fascinated us ever since ancient times. When the ancient Greeks and Romans first looked to the skies, they saw the constellations glittering brightly and wrote down the very first zodiac.

Chupi has been in love with star signs ever since she was little, when she was given a 2000 year old ancient greek coin with a depiction of her star sign, Aquarius, on it by her godfather. This collection is inspired by those ancient coins.

Each star sign necklace is cast from an original Greek or Roman coin, read the story of your star sign below:

Aquarius: The front shows a nymph with wings holding an urn pouring water. On the reverse is Gallenius son of Valerian 27 BC-289 AD

Aries: The front shows a ram walking to the left, with a the name of a powerful leader above. On the reverse is the bust of Athena, wearing a crested Corinthian helmet. Circa 300-280 BC.

Cancer: The front shows a crab with a crown above, with three pellets showing the value of the coin. On the reverse is an eagle with its wings spread, holding a hare in its talons. Struck circa 425-410 B.C. in the Greek city of Akragas in Sicily.

Capricorn: The front shows Capricorn, with a globe held between it’s hooves and a cornucopia, the symbol of plenty, appearing over the shoulder. On the reverse is the bust of Macrinus, Roman Emperor from 217-218 A.D.

Gemini: The front shows two peaks of the Dioscuri, each with a star above from the Greek city of Dioskourias in Kolchis. The reverse says the coin was struck under Mithradates VI the Great circa 105-90 B.C.

Leo: The front shows a lion roaring. On the reverse four quadrants and a raised single dot for the coin’s value. From Chersonesos, Thrace. Struck circa 350-330 BC.

Libra: The front shows Dikaiosyne standing left, holding scales and cornucopia. The date in the upper left field with palm branch in field to right. On the reverse Salonina - Roman Empress: 253-268 A.D. Wife of Gallienus. Struck regnal year 13 of Gallienus, 265/266 A.D.

Pisces: The front shows two fish swimming to the left and a dolphin swimming to the right. On the reverse is the bust of Caracalla - Roman Emperor: 198-217 A.D.

Sagittarius: The front shows a centaur advancing right with a drawn bow. On the reverse Gallienus - Roman Emperor: 253-268 A.D. Struck at the mint of Rome 254-255 A.D.

Scorpio: The front shows Zeus Nikephoros seated left holding the goddess Nike and scepter; a scorpion rests in the corner. On the reverse is the laureate head of Zeus. Struck circa 63-48 B.C. in the Greek city of Antioch on the Orontes in Seleukis and Pieria.

Taurus: The front shows a bull standing proud. On the reverse is Julian II 'The Apostate' - 360-363 A.D. who was Caesar under Constanius II.

Virgo: The front shows Tyche (Greek for luck; the Roman equivalent was Fortuna). Tyche was the presiding tutelary deity that governed the fortune and prosperity of a city. On the reverse Gordian III - Roman Emperor: 238-244 A.D.

Would you like your necklace longer or shorter? We would love to make it especially for you. We offer a bespoke chain length of up to 20” free of charge, this will take 2-3 weeks to make. A chain length of 20-24" will cost an additional €75.

Individually handcrafted in our studio in Dublin, Ireland and hallmarked in Ireland's historic Dublin Castle.

Chupi casts in solid 14k gold using an ancient Egyptian method. Each piece is then polished, ready for you to wear and love.

-14k solid gold
-Disc size is 1.2cm x 1.1cm
-Length 45cm (18 inches)
-14k solid gold chain
-Finished with a 14k solid gold lobster clasp
-Handmade in Ireland
-Hallmarked in Ireland's historic Dublin Castle

This piece can also be made in 14k White Gold and 14k Rose Gold, we can also make your piece in 18k Yellow, White or Rose Gold or even Platinum. We make each piece by hand so the possibilities are infinite. It will take up to 8 weeks to have a your piece made if you choose a different precious metal to the one shown on the page.

We would love to help you choose your future heirloom, get in touch with us on

We offer free worldwide shipping via DHL when you order a piece from our solid gold collection.

Your order from Chupi will be shipped in our signature gift packaging to anywhere in the world. Once your order has been dispatched you will receive a tracking number which will allow you to track your package via DHL.

See it sparkle

Inspired by wild & natural things

Ireland is the last place in the world that magic still exists, from the beautiful Wicklow hills where Chupi was brought up to the wild beaches of Kerry our collection is inspired by wild & natural things. We work with feathers, twigs and leaves paired with the sparkliest Grey Diamond to create a magical collection.

Made in Ireland,
loved everywhere

Through our heritage, our inspiration, our team, the very heart of what we do and why we do it will always be Irish. Chupi is proud to say our jewellery is made in Ireland, loved everywhere.

Packaged with love

Make your piece extra special with our complimentary luxury gift packaging. Your piece will arrive beautifully presented in our luxurious Chupi jewellery box hand-tied with the softest grosgrain ribbon, held within our distinctive Chupi bag. Ready to give to that someone special or keep for the perfect treat.

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