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Brilliant Women In Business | Chupi Journal


Brilliant Women In Business | Chupi Journal

By Chupi Sweetman,
Thu, Jun 03, 2021

If you are looking to be inspired about what brilliant women in business look like then this blog is one you’ll want to read! This blog focuses on three brilliant Irish women in business as they share how they got their start, the meaning behind their business and how it’s going.

I ntroducing Vivian McKendry of One More Thing

‘One More Thing’ is an online store that houses a collection of interior decorations, furniture and everblooms dried and preserved flowers.

One of One More Thing’s most successful collections and a favourite here at Chupi is their dried and preserved flowers. The founder Vivian McKendry developed a profound love for flowers at a young age. Vivian fell in love with the idea of creating sustainable everlasting floral designs, displays and installations. Vivian runs floral workshops, showcases and sells her creations online and creates bespoke designs and installations.

Vivian also hosts a series of Pop-Up events. The current Pop-Up is situated at the Farmers Market in Airfield Dundrum which will take place until June 12th. An array of everblooms flowers, vases and homeware collections will be on show each weekend.

Introducing Alanna Clegg of Four Threads

Irish brand Four Threads was created by Alanagh Clegg during her graduate year in The National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Alanagh was inspired by her family business of hand crafting and her work explores the traditions of these techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Four threads use ethically sourced fabrics for their clothing. From locally sourced Irish linen to hand woven Indian ‘Khadi’ cotton, the cloth used celebrates both heritages throughout her collection. The collection has been curated over time through a number of timeless garments which are made to be lived in and loved for a lifetime.

Introducing Erin Thomas of Hopeless Botanics

Hopeless Botanics is a houseplant store which was created by Erin Thomas during lreland’s first lockdown. It initially started as a pop up store but during lockdown they brought their offerings online. Because of this Erin made a conscious effort to only select and deliver plants that were to the highest standard. She understood that buying a plant online involves a leap of faith and wanted to give her customers the best that she could source.

Hopeless Botanics uses recycled materials for all their packaging and reuses or recycles all packaging that they receive. They are passionate about supporting Irish businesses and have all their printed materials sourced in Dublin. All the plants are sourced from a range of growers across Europe and they prioritise buying from growers that use as little packaging as possible and use paper over plastic.

Here at Chupi, we believe in the nature of supporting others. Therefore we would love to encourage you to educate us about which businesses that you admire and adore so that we can shine the spotlight on them next time. Get in touch with us by emailing