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Our Story Chupi Jewellery

“When I started Chupi, I fell in love with the idea that jewellery is a piece of the future. Each piece is about the moment it will mark, how we commemorate those moments in our lives.” Chupi Sweetman Founder & CEO

Love, hope & everything in between

It’s the moment you met…

It’s the moment you knew they were the one. It’s the moment you welcomed them into the world. It’s the triumphs and the tribulations. It’s the arrivals and the departures. It’s something that’s made to last forever, not just a season. It’s a piece of the past and a piece of the future. It’s moments, not possessions. It’s every chapter in life’s perfectly imperfect journey.

Your story; our story

At Chupi we see jewellery as the autobiography of our lives. Every piece we create is designed to mark our most precious moments, milestones, and memories; to be worn as a connection to our past and serve as heirlooms for our next generations. This thread of storytelling is woven through everything we do, connecting us and our community.


Beautifully designed, consciously made

As much a beautiful design object as functional packaging, our suite is made almost exclusively with natural, biodegradable and sustainable materials, from paper and card to silk and organic cotton. Working with renowned packaging designer Vincent Villagér, our goal was to design packaging that could live on as keepsakes and equally be easily recycled.

Our Founder & CEO Chupi Sweetman

Chupi Sweetman designs timeless fine jewellery to celebrate life’s most precious moments of love, hope and everything in between. Working in recycled solid gold, precious stones and consciously sourced diamonds, her award-winning pieces are intended to mark every chapter in life’s perfectly imperfect journey.

“Growing up, I remember seeing stamped jewellery boxes lined up on my grandmother’s dressing table. The treasures of her life. If you ask for the story of a woman’s life, she’ll tell it to you in jewellery.” Chupi Sweetman Founder & CEO