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We have been incredibly honoured over the past number of years to be recognised by the fashion and creative industries, winning a number of awards including: Stellar Fashion Designer of the Year 2014, KFW Accessory Designer of the Year 2015, Blog Awards Best Fashion Blog 2015, IMAGE Young Businesswoman of the Year 2015 and KFW Businessperson of the Year 2016.


Irresistibly drawn to “wild and natural things” Chupi’s aesthetic is influenced by the imperfect natural beauty of feathers, twigs and leaves complemented by the sparkliest of gemstones. Our signature piece is the I Can Fly Swan Feather Ring cast in solid sterling silver and plated in 18k gold from a delicate swan feather found along the banks of Dublin’s Royal Canal. We create a delicate jewellery collection made for your inner magpie.


All of our jewellery is handmade with love in Ireland. Ireland has an incredible wealth of creative talent and craftsmanship, and is known for its rich design heritage. It is also famous for its unique natural beauty which serves as a key inspiration in the design process. We are very proud to say our jewellery is made in Ireland, loved everywhere.



Company founder and designer of all our sparkly things, each piece starts with a crazy spark from Chupi. Her designs are inspired by the beauty of wild things and upbringing in the picturesque surroundings of the Wicklow countryside. Chupi was home schooled (she always hastens to add not for crazy religious reasons) which has given her a healthy lack of respect for playing by the rules. Having written a bestselling cookbook, What to Eat, in her teens Chupi was scouted by Topshop at 21 before she fell in love with jewellery. Chupi is always thinking about our next big plan, and where in the world we will take Chupi jewellery next.


Having come first in Ireland in her accountancy exams Ann likes to keep a very accurate eye on our financials. Adored by our office dogs Poppy & Rufus, Ann (who is an incredible baker) even makes homemade treats for the pair of pooches. We thought all was wholesome with Ann until we went paintballing and discovered she is a lean mean sniper. We have all been far more efficient at turning in our receipts ever since.


Our Anna is that rare mix, a creative person with an eye for numbers. Anna is in charge of managing our production process and ensuring that not only do we make beautiful things but we do it brilliantly. We manage over 1000 individual sparkly things with several thousand components so Anna has her work cut out. Chupi and Anna can frequently be overheard obsessing over their latest cloud based system. Anna speaks fluent spreadsheet and has made us realise just how much a good spreadsheet can improve the creative process.


The gorgeous Annemarie is a super talented jeweller all the way from Germany. Having completed her degree in Metalwork in NCAD, Annemarie is using her silversmithing skills to help bring our jewellery pieces to life. Already an award winning jeweller, we are lucky to have her as part of Chupi and can't wait to see where Annemarie's design skills will take her.


The brains behind all of our digital projects, including our very beloved website. Brian is rather busy running his own company www.briandurney.com where he works as a UX/UI specialist designing for human-computer interaction. Somehow we convinced him to take a role as our Chief Technical Officer for Chupi. Unfortunately he still refuses to fix the printer.


Having always worked in Craft & Design Cheryl loves beautiful things and is a huge advocate for the sector. Working across the UK, US & Japan Cheryl loves people, and always brings out the best in everyone. Understanding how tough and rewarding it is to make things in Ireland, Cheryl loves design and is always pushing us to do more and better whilst working with the best in ireland.


Dorothy, who we all know and love as Dots, is our Brand Executive. From thinking about the next huge project, planning brand strategy to organising photoshoots, Dots is our key gal. Our favourite campaign of Dots was her invite to our 10th birthday party where Dots sent all of our guests a balloon filled with glitter and a tiny gold pin, the balloon had to be popped to get the ring inside and the subsequent explosion of glitter made for a wonderful invite!


Gary is our resident editor & wordsmith, a role he is aptly qualified for having studied English in University. Gary curates our website and is our go to for all of our wordy questions (and crossword puzzles). When not thinking about words Gary is a talented musician who plays the piano, guitar and pretty much everything else, however we’ve yet to persuade him to try karaoke. Gary also writes our award winning blog: www.chupi.com/blog 


Graham is our people guy, bravely surviving in a studio of sparkly things and engagement rings. His main aim to to make our fans feel looked after for any queries they might have and is great at talking to the worried boyfriends looking for the perfect gift. A huge sports fan (he would probably watch competitive paint drying) and computer games fan he has been trying to convince the team to invest in a Playstation for the office.


Originally from Galway, Lisa joined the Chupi team after graduating from NCAD where she studied Visual Communications. At first Lisa wasn’t entirely convinced by our obsession with making all of our print gold but she is now a firm fan of sparkle. In addition to creating all of our beautiful illustrations, Lisa is also our resident photoshop whiz (although she has yet to agree to photoshop our selfies!). A talented artist, Lisa creates her own line of beautiful fairytale inspired illustrations.


Our very own Madonna is one of our key jewellers, able to bring any piece to life with her brilliant creative skills. Madonna is also a brilliant special effects makeup artist who works on projects from Disney’s the Lion King to zombie movies, Madonna regularly comes in on a Monday morning with her phone full of shots of her zombie creations which are greeted with squeals of horror.


Sophie is a fountain of creativity and cupcakes, from baking to-die-for Oreo cheesecake to making a delicate chain on which to string Chupi's signature feathers. Having studied silversmithing, ceramics and printmaking, Sophie can create absolutely anything she turns her hands to. Sophie's true love is glass in which she specialised in NCAD, her graduate collection featured lace knickers cast in translucent glass, we adore everything Sophie creates.


The lovely Suzanne recently joined the Chupi team after graduating and swiftly became an essential part of the team. A beacon of organisation in our creative team, if Suzanne says something is organised we all know she has it under control. Suzanne is a fashion nerd and can always be counted on to know what is happening in our fast changing fashion world, what is in this season and what is out alongside the latest blogger gossip.


Arriving to the Chupi studio from Dogs Aid, a wonderful animal rescue charity in Ireland (www.dogsaid.ie), Poppy & Rufus have brightened up our days with their mischievous antics. When not rustling in the bin or trying to chew through the legs of our chairs, The dogs love to boldly climb on to the seat of whoever was foolish enough to stand up last, usually Graham! Poppy has us all wrapped around her little paw, she sits by the office radiator until her whimpers force us to lift her up onto her favourite perch.


All of our jewellery is designed, handmade and finished in our studio in the heart of Dublin City, Ireland. Many of our signature pieces are cast from wild and natural things which Chupi has found on her travels, such as our I Can Fly Swan feather necklace, cast from a swan feather found along the banks of Dublin’s Royal Canal, or our Infinity Twig Ring found in a forest in County Kildare. Chupi sketches each original piece before making the very first master, many sketches and changes later the final piece is ready to go out into the world. Our talented team of jewellers, polishers and goldsmiths all around Ireland take great care and pride in creating a gorgeous piece of jewellery just for you.
We are very proud to say our jewellery is made in Ireland, loved everywhere.


One of our favourite things about making all of our pieces in Ireland is that we can create a piece that is truly yours. From our unique engagement rings to our collection of initial necklaces everything is hand finished in our studio so each piece is made just for you. Our initial necklaces are a brilliant example, with two initials discs they make the perfect gift to mark a special anniversary, or made with a birthstone and initial they can celebrate your best friend’s new arrival.


Chupi designs each piece and then works with our brilliant team to bring the piece to life, ready for you to wear and love. Ireland has an incredible heritage when it comes to design, from our master goldsmith to our highly skilled jewellers our team has over 100 years of experience in making beautiful pieces. We believe our production should be responsible, we use recycled gold and silver where possible and our sparkliest of gemstones are cut to our exact specification in Istanbul and India.


We make beautiful pieces that mark a moment and last a lifetime. Chupi designs each piece with a little bit of magic, from our ‘Just The Two Of Us’ Double Twig Necklace which is the perfect piece to mark a unique bond with someone special, to our ‘I Can Fly’ Swan Feather collection which reminds you to always believe in yourself. Each one of our pieces tells a unique story. Our jewellery is more than a piece, it’s something precious that you will always have as a symbol of those special moments.