I want to make precious jewellery that marks moments & tells stories, sparkling pieces that are designed to be future heirlooms & become part of your story.

Chupi Signature

Our Story

Chupi is a multi-award winning Irish jewellery brand founded by designer Chupi Sweetman

Chupi was born and raised in Wicklow, famously known as ‘the garden of Ireland’ for its unique natural beauty, which serves as a key inspiration for the brand’s aesthetic.

At 21, Chupi was scouted by Topshop from her first year in college as the youngest designer to ever work for the company. She went from scruffy student to serious designer overnight, and absolutely loved it. However, after a six year career in fast-fashion, Chupi wanted to create something that lasted forever and celebrated Ireland’s incredible design heritage, and so in April 2013 Chupi the brand was born.

I've always been fascinated by jewellery, how serious jewellery marks a moment in your life. I fell in love with sparkly things and now every piece I make has a story; it's where the magic is.

A tiny spark in 2013 brought us to where we are today, where we show every season at London Fashion Week. Our brilliant team of 23 talented individuals ship our beautiful sparkly pieces to 64 countries around the world with fans from London to New York to Tokyo. It’s been such an incredible journey made possible by our amazing customers who have supported us on our journey from Irish startup to an internationally-adored brand.

Inspired by Wild and Natural Things

Irresistibly drawn to wild and natural things, Chupi’s designs are inspired by the imperfect natural beauty of feathers, twigs and leaves complemented by the sparkliest diamonds and gemstones.

Our signature pieces range from our Hope is a Thing with Feathers ring, cast in solid 14k gold from a delicate swan feather to our must-have “We Are All Made of Stars” star sign pendant, to our unique Grey Diamond engagement rings made with the sparkliest of diamonds.

We make modern heirlooms to last a lifetime, pieces that you can one day pass on to become part of your story.

All of our precious jewellery is handmade with love in Ireland with ethical gold and conflict free diamonds. Ireland has an incredible wealth of creative talent and craftsmanship, and is known for its rich design heritage. We are incredibly proud of say that our jewellery is made in Ireland, loved everywhere.

Award Winning Jewellery

We've been incredibly lucky to be honoured with several awards over the past few years including: The 2018 Retail Jeweller UK Jewellery Awards Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, The Irish Made Awards by Irish Country Magazine; 2017 and IMAGE Young Businesswoman of the Year; 2016.

A huge thank you to everyone who has voted for us and made it possible.

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