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Learn more about how our beautiful heirlooms are made and discover our key sustainability commitments and goals.

“Sustainability is not just what we make and how we
make it, it’s about everything we do. We have to
consider the whole picture, because we want to
leave a more beautiful tomorrow.” Chupi Sweetman, Founder & CEO

A commitment to protecting our environment

A real luxury purchase is one you can feel good about buying. We’re on a mission to transform the luxury jewellery industry to one that is regenerative, ethical and transparent.

Every key decision we make – from where we source our precious gold and diamonds to the beautiful blush pink packaging that wraps every Chupi piece – is viewed through the lens of sustainability. We don’t have all the answers, but we are constantly assessing the impacts of our choices, and exploring how we can make better ones.

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  • Every Chupi piece is made using 100% recycled solid gold.
  • All of our lab-grown diamonds are fully traceable and carbon-neutral.
  • Over 80% of the classic diamonds in our collections are recycled.
  • Our jewellery is made within 100km of our HQ.
  • The packaging used to ship our products is recyclable and our mailers are 100% compostable.

Leave no trace

We aim to be zero waste and carbon neutral by 2030, leaving just beautiful heirlooms, to be handed down for generations to come.

Buy less, but better

We know that a treasured jewellery collection is built over time. We take a non-seasonal approach to designing our collections and deliberately keep them small to avoid overproduction and waste.

Traceability and transparency

Each precious Chupi piece is created with sustainability in mind. We work hard to source innovative, traceable and sustainable materials wherever possible in our supply chain.

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