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The History of Cocktail Rings


The History of Cocktail Rings

By Sorcha Delaney,
Mon, Sep 13, 2021

Cocktail rings, originally a symbol of rebelliousness and independence, were introduced during the Prohibition era, at a time when change was happening for women. Women were given the right to vote and the beginning of eccentric fashion took hold.

Presently, women are often seen purchasing cocktail rings for their right hand, a gift to themselves and more importantly as a personal declaration to celebrate themselves.

What is a Cocktail Ring?

During the prohibition, women sported large rings that were used to draw attention to the illegal drink they were consuming so that the server would know who to serve. Hence the term "cocktail" ring.

The Chupi Cocktail Rings

The Starlight Collection

The perfect modern heirloom, the Starlight Ring makes a serious statement. A sparking centre stone is flanked by three incredible diamonds on either side. The tiny diamonds sparkle with the light of the stars, each of the three diamonds representing the past, present and future.

The Hero Collection

The 1920s were an incredible time for women, it was the start of independence as women found their power. Inspired by the art deco rings of the 1920s, Chupi made the Hero ring as a reminder of our strength.

At over 500 years old, emerald cut rings are one of the oldest gemstone cuts in the world. They became wildly popular in the 1920s as a symbol of women’s strength and independence. Wear this striking ring on its own or stacked with your heirloom rings.

The Moonlight Collection

Make a statement with this modern take on a classic solitaire. A sparkling 1.49 carat moissanite diamond is set atop a classic knife edge band. The Moonlight Ring is the perfect centre of your heirloom ring stack as an engagement or right hand ring to mark a precious moment.

The Luna Halo Collection

Includes an Opal & Sapphire ring

The Halo diamond ring first became popular in the 1920s. Chupi was inspired by the rings her grandmother used to wear, vintage designs with a halo of diamonds set around a beautiful centre stone echoing the halo of glittering light around the moon in the night sky.