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Our Favourite Sustainable Christmas Ideas


Our Favourite Sustainable Christmas Ideas

By Nathalie Marquez Courtney,
Wed, Dec 08, 2021

Tags: Christmas Sustainability

From eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas to foraged foliage decor, join us as we share some of our favourite ways to celebrate sustainably this Christmas.

DIY your decor

The sparkle of a tree through the window, the shimmer of decorations, the glitter of candles. There are lots of things we love seeing at Christmas, but we’re just as much in love with the scents of the season; from eucalyptus centrepieces to the fresh smell of pine and the warming aromas of cinnamon and ginger.

Oranges – whether sliced and dried or scored and dried like in this pic – double as decor and scent in one.

How to dry oranges for easy decorating

For orange decorations, slice them into 1-2cm slices, pat them dry with kitchen roll or a tea towel and pop them into a low oven (120°C) for about three hours.

Whole oranges take a bit longer – you’ll need to cut slits into the oranges (being careful to keep the top and bottom intact) and put them in a very low oven for 12-24 hours (you can of course dry other things during this time too). For an even quicker fix, you can stud fresh oranges with cloves.

These look gorgeous on mantelpieces, window sills and tables, especially when accompanied by foraged foliage. The citrus scent will add a gorgeous freshness to your space, while woody, spicy notes from the cloves and foliage will add a cosy warmth.

Buy less, but better

We take a non-seasonal approach to every collection we make and passionately believe in a slower, more mindful approach to gift buying.

This means moving away from impulse buys and throwaway or faddy gifts and trying as much as possible to give presents that are thoughtful, meaningful and designed to stand the test of time. Check out this Christmas-themed interview with our CEO Chupi Sweetman for some great tips for buying presents the people you love are sure to adore.

Forage for centrepieces

Nothing evokes Christmas more than bringing the outside in with lots of gorgeous greenery. A foliage garland draped across a mantle, staircase or used as a centrepiece will add texture, colour and life to any space.

If you opt for a real pine tree, you can snip a few branches from the back and dot them in different parts of your home for a quick and easy touch of colour (not to mention a gorgeous pine scent). Alternatively, head to the woods and forage – from evergreen foliage to twigs, branches, and berries, there’s a bounty of beauty outdoors.

Opt for eco-friendly wrapping paper

“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved the idea that the present starts with the wrapping,” says Chupi CEO Chupi Sweetman. This year, that means using dried blooms as decoration and wrapping presents using fabric and the traditional furoshiki technique. It’s simple, sustainable and oh-so-sweet and stylish. Check out this video on how to do it.

Make your own pretty place cards

Hand-written place name cards add a real sense of occasion to your festive table. We like using beautiful recycled paper, simple watercolour paper or any paper scraps leftover from other projects.

Practise writing your names out a few times in a notebook before using a pen or marker (we love using a fine-tipped gold marker) to handwrite each name out. Pinterest has lots of gorgeous ideas for different writing styles too.

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