“My best friend, the person I have always looked up to” - Stars In The – Chupi
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“My best friend, the person I have always looked up to” - Stars In The Sky Eternity Ring Winners, Amy & Jeanette


“My best friend, the person I have always looked up to” - Stars In The Sky Eternity Ring Winners, Amy & Jeanette

By Saoirse Kennelly,
Sun, Jan 14, 2024

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Last August, we invited Chupi customers to share the stories of why you'd choose to wear our twinkling Stars In The Sky Eternity Ring, offering the chance to win not just one for yourself, but also for someone special in your life. 

Whether it was to capture a moment in time, mark those special memories, or symbolise a unique connection, your responses flooded in, each significant in their own right. The overwhelming response, of hundreds of heartfelt emails and comments, left us in awe. They were messages of love, loss, heartbreak and admiration which made the task of selecting a winner an incredibly challenging one.

But when we received the touching emails from mother Jeanette and daughter Amy, independently from one another, we instantly knew they would be the perfect duo for the Stars In The Sky Rings. 

When Amy and Jeanette collected their rings from our flagship, the love and respect they had for each other was clearly evident. Their bond was a testament to the enduring love shared between a mother and daughter.

Jeanette: “When I became pregnant with my daughter I found out at four weeks - I was so excited, at 23 she was all I had ever wanted. My world was complete. I gave up my job to be a full time mummy, and we adored each other.

A baby didn't fix everything and in April 1997, I decided enough was enough, I wanted better for my daughter and didn't want her to see or be part of that environment, so we left and returned to my parents home.” 

Amy: “I am an only child, the daughter to the most amazing mum who raised me by herself. My mum is indescribable. She's my best friend, the person I have always looked up to. Now that I'm 28, I look back and realise just how much my mum has done for me, for us.” 

Jeanette: “At age 12 she decided to officially change her name by deed poll to have the same surname as me. She is the most amazing woman who inspires me to be a better version of myself every day.”

Amy: “It's often said that we are more like sisters (we look alike, like bookends, like the universe looked at my mum and just said 'copy & paste'!) but I feel like we are a piece of each other, a bit like a jigsaw.”

Jeanette: “I bought my own eternity ring when she was born - sad I know, but I wanted something to symbolise her arrival. I subsequently lost it in the move home - we cleared out of the marital home so quickly, when we left I forgot it and never got it back.”

Amy: “Even when we are miles and miles from each other, we are so in tune and connected with each other. I think of my mum as my North Star - she always keeps me going, keeps me on the right path when I feel lost. We are each other's biggest cheerleaders, through thick and thin, on the worst days and the best ones.” 

Jeanette: “For Amy and I to have matching Chupi Stars In The Sky Eternity Rings now I think would bring us full circle. She is moving on with her life, but I know I will always be there watching proudly with a lump in my throat.”    

Here at Chupi, we are honoured to make beautiful heirlooms that become part of your story, destined to become treasured pieces that are passed down through generations. Your stories are such an inspiration for what we do, whether it’s the meaning behind an old family heirloom or why you chose your Chupi piece - we’d love to hear from you at stories@chupi.com.