The Wedding Collective; Chupi & Friends; In Conversation with Una Leon
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The Wedding Collective; Chupi & Friends; In Conversation with Una Leonard


The Wedding Collective; Chupi & Friends; In Conversation with Una Leonard

By Zoe Le Belleguy,
Fri, Jun 07, 2024

Tags: Educational Wedding

Following our insightful event, The Wedding Collective, with Una Leonard,  founder of 2210 Patisserie, we sat down with Una to bring further insight into her work.

1. What are the most common challenges you face when creating wedding cakes, and how do you overcome them?

I suppose the main one we all (every cake decorator) have at the moment is the weather. We have no control whatsoever, so over the years I have had to come up with quick thinking solutions. 

Also we cannot be sure wedding venues have air conditioning, so in some cases you think you have done well getting the cake (which is made mostly from buttercream) to the venue and realise it will melt within minutes if we set it up and leave it out. 

My advice would be to use good cooling boxes with little ice packs taped to the side (so they don't touch the cake but still keep it cool…make sure they are taped for the travelling). 

Contact the venue ahead of time to make sure there is fridge space before arriving and hope there is air conditioning in the room you are setting up :)


2. Do you have a memory of being worried about the cake on a wedding day because of the weather?

On a few occasions I found myself hanging around for a few hours in venues to take the cake from the fridge to set it up so the couple could take the photos with the cake before it melts... one in particular couple wanted the cake outside (which I don't blame them it was a beautiful 28ºC which needs to taken advantage of in ireland) I m afraid melting butter and wasps on fresh flowers was my biggest worry on this particular day... but it all worked out and the cake was perfect for the pictures before we brought it back inside.! 



3. How does the tasting process work so that the bride and groom can choose the flavours of the cake?

After 11 years in the wedding industry and trialling all possible ways including sit down one to one tastings we have come to the realisation that couples prefer to try and taste cakes in the comfort of their own home with family, so we now offer a tasting box a few times a year that you can get delivered to your door anywhere in Ireland with 6 of our most popular flavours.


4. Can you talk about the importance of the presentation of the cake and the dessert table on the wedding day?

The presentation of a cake can really elevate the style and theme of your wedding, not only that, the presentation of the cake and dessert table on a wedding day is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it makes the cake and dessert table more visually appealing to the guest but it also provides the perfect backdrop for the cake cutting photo. It should all really tie in to reflect the wedding theme and showcasing the couple’s personality.


5. How do you advise couples on the amount of cake they need, depending on the number of guests?

So firstly we will ask the couples preference on cake design e.g. 2 tier, 3 tier, dessert table, macaron stand etc, from this we will gauge the style of table or presentation they would like to see on the day. From that we take into account the number of guests and number of days the celebration will be going on for. For example, if a couple has their heart set on a 3 tier cake but they think it will be too much cake, we can recommend smaller tiers on the 3 tier cake that would serve less people but still have the height and showstopping appearance of a standard 3 tier cake.



6. How do you deal with last-minute changes or emergencies on the wedding day concerning the cake?

I always say - It's only cake. I know this might sound crazy coming from me, but emergency and cake should not be in the same sentence, plus I work really well under pressure. I do however come well prepared for all weddings. I bring what I call my "wedding cake kit". It has everything I need to make any last or small tweaks to a cake.


7. How do you ensure that the design of the wedding cake remains intact during cutting and serving?

To keep your wedding cake looking great while cutting and serving, make sure it's built with good support. I use dowels throughout a tiered cake while building so it will not bulge or collapse, using a harder ganache rather than a soft buttercream for filling and crumb coating also helps  to keep it in place for a longer time. Use sharp knives while cutting, or get a pro to help. Use decorations that can be easily removed and place delicate bits where they won’t get cut right away.


8. How do you manage requests for wedding cakes over several days or for extended celebrations?

To manage wedding cake requests over several days, plan well in advance, create a detailed schedule, and ensure adequate refrigeration. Stagger the baking and decorating, communicate clearly with the couple and vendors, and have a backup plan for any unexpected issues.


9. How do you advise couples on how to store the remains of their wedding cake?

The majority of people don't have this problem, but we always say wrap it up so it is airtight and serve it as soon as possible. If you plan to serve the remainder on day two I always recommend chocolate biscuit cake for this, simply because it is delicious, easily served as it is not a soft cake and people love that sugar rush to pick them up.


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