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Grey Diamond Engagement Rings

We adore grey diamonds for their sparkle and fire. Our grey diamond engagement rings are all unique – no two grey diamonds are the same, so your precious ring is a delicate piece that's totally your own.

Grey or salt and pepper diamonds are exactly the same as traditional diamonds but they carry visual inclusions of carbon and other minerals captured within them as they formed over millions of years. This gives each stone its unique hues, tones and patterns of light – which is why we love them so much.

Planning a proposal or need help deciding? Our in-the-know VIP care team can help you find the perfect stone. Click here to make an appointment.

Each of our grey diamonds are carefully selected by hand, sourced through our network of trusted suppliers and internationally accredited through the Kimberly Process, the international ethical standard guaranteeing conflict-free supply. Like all precious Chupi pieces, they come with free worldwide shipping, 100 day returns and are beautifully presented in our signature Chupi packaging.


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