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Chupi wedding jewellery collection

The Chupi Wedding Jewellery Collection

For the moment where the magic happens – and every moment after. Our wedding jewellery edit is a thoughtfully curated collection of our most precious and sentimental pieces.

To Have and To Hold

If you are looking for the perfect wedding band to match your engagement ring or simply want to explore the various styles and finishes in our collections, our friendly, expert team is here to help.

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Chupi wedding band and engagement rings

Women’s Wedding Rings

Whether you want to create a shimmering ceremonial stack or opt for a nature-inspired solid gold twig band, our collection of unique women’s wedding rings are beautiful tokens of love, destined to be with you on every adventure. From our hands to yours, these future heirlooms have a magic all of their own.

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Chupi women's wedding rings

Men’s Wedding Rings

Our collection of men’s wedding rings feature strong, beautiful bands, handmade using sustainable, recycled gold. Designed to complement other pieces from our wedding band collection, choose from elegant and modern flat wedding rings, classic domed edged bands or our signature, nature-inspired Hawthorn and Driftwoods rings.

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Chupi men's wedding rings

Diamond Crown Collection

Celebrate saying yes to forever with our handcrafted collection of crown rings. Designed to stack perfectly with our wedding bands and engagement rings for the ultimate ceremonial stack, each piece in the The Crown Collection features sparkling diamonds and has been meticulously made by hand and hallmarked in Ireland’s historic Dublin Castle.

Crown diamond rings have been gaining popularity as wedding rings, and for good reason – they stack beautifully with engagement rings and finish off a bridal stack like nothing else, pairing wonderfully with eternities, solitaires and three-stone rings alike.

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Chupi diamond crown rings

Bridal Jewellery Collection

From pieces commemorating the magic of the morning of the wedding to precious mementos to give to your nearest and dearest, our sparkling bridal jewellery collection features timeless keepsakes that will become part of your wedding day story, designed to be passed down for generations to come.

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Chupi bridal jewellery collection