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How to create a gallery wall in five easy steps


How to create a gallery wall in five easy steps

By Chupi Sweetman,
Mon, Aug 24, 2020

I’ve been meaning to write a how to guide for creating a gallery wall for a good while now. I read so many before I did my first one and I feel so many made it sound so much more intimidating than it really is.

I adore how prints, art and photos have such meaning, each one representing a moment in time.

1. Find a theme

A theme is essential to tie your gallery wall together, like a thread running through every image. It’s not that every image has to be the same, you want them to be different, but you want something that connects them. Ideas for themes could be colour: every print, piece of art & photo is black and white. It could be in the framing with every piece framed in gold. The theme you choose is entirely up to you. For Aya’s room I originally thought I wanted to do maps of all of the places we had been, but in the end I chose things that were all part of our journey to her including a print of her heartbeat and a map of where we went on honeymoon.

2. Choose what makes you happy

Art is subjective. If you love framed Japanese matchboxes or antique maps or simply photos this is your gallery; display what you love so that it brings you joy every time you see it. There are no rules.

3. Play with sizes

There are of course perfectly aligned gallery walls where every piece is in the exact same frame, but for something more unique look to have variety. From junk shop finds that you can simply get new glass put into to ikea bargains or classic frames.

4. It’s time

I lay my pictures out on the floor first, playing with size and scale, it means I can move them around until I’m happy with how it all looks. Once I’m happy I take a photo and pop off to have a cup of tea. Then when you come back you can check to see you are still happy and get ready to hang you gallery wall!

5. Start with your hero

Every gallery has its hero, the centrepiece. Hang that beauty first, then using the photo you took as your guide hang the rest of the pictures around your hero piece. I use pin nails and a hammer but I know lots of people use command strips as they don’t damage the wall.

Ta da! You have your gallery wall.

But my most important tip is to not be afraid; if you mess up it’s not the end of the world. You can replace a print, move another slightly, whatever it takes to get it just right.

I would adore to see your pictures! Tag me on Instagram if you do your own gallery wall.

Chupi x