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Rare Beauty | Choose Your Own Grey Diamond


Rare Beauty | Choose Your Own Grey Diamond

By Kim Brett,
Fri, Mar 03, 2023

We’re now releasing our grey diamonds in limited quantities. Read on to find out how to get first access to these rare and beautiful stones – and create your own semi-bespoke piece. 

Only the most beautiful gemstones go on to become a part of your Chupi pieces. Our grey diamonds are no exception. Our team of experts take great care to select the most rare and remarkable stones, examining each for the perfect cut that can deliver the most striking balance of clarity characteristics and colour, fire and light. Like a fingerprint, no two grey diamonds are alike, featuring a galaxy of carbon inclusions and ranging in shades of opalescent white, silky grey, and dark and stormy tones. 

“The inclusions, that for some are a mark of imperfection, are for me the very thing that makes them precious.” – our CEO and designer, Chupi Sweetman 

Grey diamonds, or ‘salt and pepper’ diamonds owe their distinctive shades to the presence of hydrogen and boron, which affects the way that light refracts within a diamond. The result is an array of hues with varying constellations of inclusions. Previously discarded as imperfect, we embrace the uniqueness of grey diamonds, finding the true beauty in those imperfections. 

"My love affair with grey diamonds began with my own engagement ring; I adore how each grey diamond is utterly unique,” says designer and CEO, Chupi Sweetman. “The inclusions, that for some are a mark of imperfection, are for me the very thing that makes them precious. Each grey diamond contains its own galaxy of stars, an imperfect pattern of wild beauty."

Conscious sourcing 

All Chupi diamonds – including our greys – adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification standards to ensure that they are consciously selected. Like our beautiful greys, we’re not perfect, and don’t claim to be, but we are committed to adapting and improving our sourcing methods as new information and sustainable practices come to light. 

Due to our conscious sourcing practices and the increasing scarcity of grey diamonds that meet the Chupi criteria for brilliance and beauty, we will now release our grey diamonds in limited quantities as and when we source them. 

Grey diamond releases

To be the first to know when we curate a new selection of these rare and beautiful stones, simply register for first access here. We’ll be in touch to let you know when a new selection is due to be released. To see them up close, and hand-pick yours, we invite you to book an appointment with one of our jewellery consultants, available at our flagship store in Dublin, Ireland and through a high-definition virtual consultation. 

Choose your stone. Choose your setting. 

In addition to these limited releases, we’re now offering the option to select your own grey diamond for placement in one of four iconic Chupi settings: You, Me & Magic, Love Is All, Sparkle in the Wild and Darling in the Wild. Our jewellery consultants will show you all our available stones during your appointment, so you can pick the one which calls to you and create a ring that’s truly your own.

Alternatively, simply order your ring and our jewellery team will happily select one for you. 

To book a virtual or in-store consultation, visit our appointments page here.