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Love, hope & everything in between | The Next Chapter of Chupi


Love, hope & everything in between | The Next Chapter of Chupi

By Kim Brett,
Wed, Apr 19, 2023

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It’s the moment you met. It’s the moment you knew they were the one. It’s the moment you welcomed them into the world. It’s the triumphs and the tribulations. It’s the arrivals and the departures. It’s something that’s made to last forever, not just a season. It’s a piece of the past and a piece of the future. It’s moments, not possessions. It’s every chapter in life’s perfectly imperfect journey.

Commemorating “love, hope and everything in between”, at Chupi we see jewellery as the autobiography of our lives. Every piece we create is designed to mark our most precious moments, milestones, and memories; to be worn as a connection to our past and serve as heirlooms for our next generations. This thread of storytelling is woven through everything we do, connecting us and our community.

The One in a Trillion Engagement Ring

“When I started Chupi, I fell in love with the idea that jewellery is a piece of the future. Each piece is about the moment it will mark, how we commemorate those moments in our lives,” says founder CEO and designer Chupi Sweetman. “Traditionally, diamonds have only served women on hallmark days but in reality, our lives are far more complex. We have loss, bravery, hope… We mark all those moments, with a strong belief in better. Not perfect, but better.” 

“Chupi has grown with me. I always knew I wanted to create pieces of the future, but it took me time to find my voice. I’ve found it in our community, who look to us to mark some of the biggest moments in their lives. We’re taking the best of that, who we are, forward, and want to take people with us on that journey. That next chapter.” 

The One in a Trillion Collection

Marking the last decade of Chupi, and welcoming the next, we’re unveiling a new collection of fine jewellery pieces for the next chapter of our story as a brand. Both a reflection of where we’ve been and a declaration of where we’re going, the One in a Trillion Collection is our most sustainable to date and features one of our most iconic rings recast with lab-grown stones, as well as new designs intended to capture those one in a trillion moments. 

The One in a Trillion Collection is a celebration of everything we’ve done in the past and a promise for the future,” says Chupi. “I went back to our archives when I was thinking about a piece that celebrated the best of who we are. I thought of our love of noteworthy stones, of statement cuts, our signature Hawthorn Twig Band. I thought of how lab grown stones are the future of diamonds… The next decade for us as a brand is reflected in this collection.”

Our packaging, palette & logo

Along with a new collection, this next chapter is also being marked with a visual refresh, including a packaging, palette and logo update. Having pored over hundreds of shades, our team of creatives evolved our original palette to include a spectrum of colours found in nature. As an iconic signifier of the brand since its inception in 2013, a softer take on our signature Chupi pink remains. This tone can be seen across a new packaging suite, which has been redesigned with sustainable materials and interactive elements that “make those marked moments, proposals or otherwise, as memorable as possible.”

This softer pink is brought to life with a new logo: an elegant nod to our heritage of quality craftsmanship, a contemporary maker’s mark. Our lead designer combined the motif of a central diamond reflecting our core product offering, with an ornate milgrain effect around the outer oval serving as a reminder of the handcrafted nature of our designs and the attention to detail across our processes.

“Growing up, I remember seeing stamped jewellery boxes lined up on my grandmother’s dressing table,” explains Chupi. “The treasures of her life. If you ask for the story of a woman’s life, she’ll tell it to you in jewellery. I wanted to see our stamped logo on my own dressing table in 50 years: a timeless symbol, a mark that will look and feel precious forever.” 

Our sustainable credentials

As much a beautiful design object as functional packaging, the new suite has been made almost exclusively with natural, biodegradable and sustainable materials, from paper and card to silk and organic cotton. Working with renowned designer Vincent Villagér, our goal was to design pieces that could live on as keepsakes and equally be easily recycled. We have avoided the use of plastics in every possible area and opted for recycled plastic where unavoidable, minimising our carbon footprint at both creation and end of use, moving us ever-closer to our commitment to become plastic free by 2025 and carbon neutral by 2023. 

Discover the One in a Trillion Collection – or take a closer look at these pieces with an in-store or virtual appointment with one of our jewellery experts.