Our beautiful lab grown diamonds are cultivated in a laboratory environment, the perfect modern gemstone for your heirloom. Cultivated lab grown diamonds offer a more sustainable alternative to traditionally mined stones.

What Are Cultivated Lab Grown Diamonds?

Cultivated lab grown diamonds are grown in a lab from a natural diamond seed, using the age old combination of carbon, heat, pressure and time.

They are visually and molecularly identical to a traditionally mined diamond and are an amazing gemstone if you want the incredible sparkle of a classic diamond, but a more sustainable alternative.

Cultivated lab grown diamonds are more affordable than a traditionally mined diamond and are graded and certified in the exact same way using the 4c’s (cut, clarity, color, and carat). Our lab grown diamonds are certified by the International Gemological Institute.

How Are Cultivated Lab Grown Diamonds Made?

Animation of diamond seeds

Step 1

A thin slice of diamond is placed into a sealed chamber, this is known as a diamond seed.

Animation of pressure gauge

Step 2

Tremendous heat and pressure is applied to the diamond seed, mimicking the conditions in the earth’s crust.

Animation showing the diamond seeds turning into full diamonds

Step 3

A rough cultivated lab grown diamond is formed, identical to a traditional mined diamond which is then hand-cut and polished.

Two diamond rings being held.

How are cultivated lab grown diamonds different to traditionally mined diamonds?

Cultivated lab grown diamonds and traditionally mined diamonds are identical, visually and molecularly. Cultivated lab grown diamonds are just as durable as traditionally mined diamonds, sitting at the top of the internationally recognised Mohs scale for gemstone hardness.

The main difference between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds is the environmental and social impact of mining versus a laboratory creation, not to mention, the price. Cultivated lab grown diamonds means you can get even more sparkle for your ring.

Lab Grown Diamonds Mined Diamonds
Chemical Composition C C
Refractive Index 2.42 2.42
Hardness on Mohs Scale 10 10

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