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Upgrade to solid gold

The Chupi Upgrade Programme

Trade in your plated or silver Chupi jewellery for an heirloom from our solid gold collection

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Come full circle with Chupi

Do you have gold plated or silver pieces from previous Chupi collections languishing in the back of your jewellery box that aren’t as loved as they once were? We’ve designed this programme for you.

What is The Chupi Upgrade Programme?

Return your pre-loved Chupi plated and silver jewellery to us and receive €100 in Chupi Upgrade Credit per piece. This can used for up to 50% of the value of any of our solid gold pieces in our current collections.

Your returned pieces will then be returned to the wider industry supply, increasing the use of recycled metals across the jewellery industry in Ireland, and you will be the owner of a beautiful new solid gold piece to treasure forever.

Upgrade to solid gold
Chupi Gift Coin

1 Piece

€100 Chupi Upgrade Credit can be used towards any solid gold piece worth €200 and above

Chupi Gift Coin

2 Pieces

€200 Chupi Upgrade Credit can be used towards any solid gold piece worth €400 and above

Chupi Gift Coin

3 Pieces

€300 Chupi Upgrade Credit can be used towards any solid gold piece worth €600 and above

Chupi Gift Coin

4 Pieces

€400 Chupi Upgrade Credit can be used towards any solid gold piece worth €800 and above

Chupi Gift Coin

5 Pieces

€500 Chupi Upgrade Credit can be used towards any solid gold piece worth €1000 and above

Have more than 5 pieces to upgrade? Contact our Care team

Terms & Conditions Apply

How to ensure that your plated and silver pieces are Chupi

Prior to sending your pieces back to our team for an upgrade, we would encourage you to check that they are plated Chupi pieces.

Chupi jewellery can be identified in two ways:

  1. Every Chupi necklace has an identity disc on it, it’s our guarantee that your piece was made by us. You can find the identity disc beside the clasp.
  2. The Chupi Hallmark or The Maker’s Mark: Each Chupi piece is assayed in Dublin Castle. Each maker is allowed three letters as their unique maker’s mark, and ours is CHI.
Unique identity mark on a chain pendant Unique identity mark on the back of a necklace

How does it work?

Trade in your plated or silver Chupi pieces for a solid gold heirloom.

  • Check your piece

    1. Check your piece

    Simply click below to request your authentication.

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  • Return to us

    2. Return to us

    Return your plated Chupi jewellery for authentication.

  • Authentication

    3. Authentication

    When we have received your jewellery, a member of our Gold Team will evaluate it. This typically takes 1-2 weeks.

  • Choose your heirloom

    4. Choose your heirloom

    You will be contacted by our Customer Experience team who will guide you through choosing your new solid gold heirloom. The balance of your new piece can either be paid then, or you can set up a Chupi Payment Plan.

  • Receive your piece

    5. Receive your piece

    Your new solid gold heirloom will arrive beautifully wrapped in our signature blush pink packaging, ready to be treasured forever.

Upgrade in store

You can also return your plated or silver pieces in person, by dropping them off at our flagship Dublin store. Simply click here to book your Upgrade Programme appointment.

Our store team are ready and waiting to welcome you, authenticate your piece and help you choose your sparkling new heirloom from our current collection.

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Upgrade to solid gold
“Turning forgotten pieces into diamonds and gold, helping them become something that will last forever while protecting the earth, is my ultimate goal” Chupi Sweetman Founder & CEO

Sustainability first

We take pride in making beautiful heirlooms to mark the most important moments in your life. Our pieces are designed to be passed on for generations and we know we have a responsibility to those generations to build a more sustainable future.

A forest in Wicklow Chupi designing an heirloom piece

The Chupi Upgrade Programme Terms & Conditions

Taking into consideration the terms and conditions outlined below, The Chupi Upgrade Programme offers €100 in Upgrade Credit per authenticated Chupi plated or silver piece. This credit can be used toward purchasing a new solid gold heirloom piece from our current collection. This credit can be used for up to 50% off the total price of the Chupi heirloom.

  1. The maximum amount of Upgrade Credit that can be used is 50% of the total price of the heirloom you wish to purchase.
  2. Once we receive your plated or silver Chupi pieces, they will be authenticated by our team, which will take approximately 1-2 weeks.
  3. The Upgrade Programme cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code.
  4. The Upgrade Programme cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offers.
  5. The Upgrade Programme only applies to Chupi jewellery.
  6. The Upgrade Credit Programme is only available online at chupi.com or in our flagship store.
  7. All decisions on eligibility for The Chupi Upgrade Programme rest solely with Chupi.
  8. Gold plated and silver Chupi pieces bought from verified retailers are eligible for The Chupi Upgrade Programme.
  9. Pieces should be returned to us via tracked post or courier service. Unfortunately, Chupi does not take responsibility for items that are lost in transit.
  10. Upgrade Credit is a discount offered against the future purchase of your solid gold heirloom piece. This discount is non transferrable, it cannot be applied retrospectively and is not redeemable for an equivalent cash value.
  11. If, after receiving your new solid gold heirloom, you are not happy with your piece, you are welcome to return it within 30 days of purchase. The Chupi Upgrade Programme returns are subject only to the value paid for your solid gold Chupi piece. In the case of such a return, we will endeavour to return your original Chupi plated or silver piece to you, but should this no longer be possible we will issue you with a credit note for the discount value applied.
  12. Your Upgrade Credit can only be used in a single transaction.
  13. The Chupi Upgrade Program operates in Euro. If you wish to use your Chupi Upgrade Credit when purchasing in another currency, it will be converted to that currency at the time of checkout.

Our Promise To You

Chupi gift box

Perfect packaging

Your heirloom comes beautifully presented in our signature Chupi luxury packaging, which has been thoughtfully designed to be fully recyclable or kept as a keepsake, somewhere where you can treasure your most loved things. We also offer minimal packaging – simply choose this option in your cart.


Sustainability first

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Chupi, from using 100% recycled gold to thoughtfully sourced stones and reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging. It’s not a destination, but a continuous journey of exploring and addressing the ethical, environmental and social impact of our actions.

Chupi gift box

VIP care

Our incredible jewellery consultants are here to assist you with all your heirloom queries and to help you find your perfect piece. Book a virtual appointment or visit us in our flagship Dublin store. Worldwide shipping is on us, always, and we have an easy 30 day returns policy.

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