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From mutuals to marking milestones | Modern Love Stories, Adrian & Adrianna


From mutuals to marking milestones | Modern Love Stories, Adrian & Adrianna

By Kim Brett,
Mon, Nov 07, 2022

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Here at Chupi, we are honoured to make beautiful heirlooms that become part of your story, destined to become treasured pieces that are passed down through the generations.

Be inspired by stories of love and magic as we share some of our favourite ways Chupi pieces have helped you celebrate your most precious moments. This week, we chat with Adrian and Adrianna. From the Tweet that started it all to a sunset proposal in an Italian lemon grove, here they share the most important chapters of their modern love story.

On first meetings

Adrian: We met in May 2013 and started going out in July 2013. We were both 17, in 5th year at school but we were in different schools in different towns in Co. Monaghan.

Adrianna: We had a few mutual friends – we knew some of the same people that I played Irish traditional music with at the time. Through his friends I found his Twitter profile so I followed him – then he tweeted me telling me that I had a great name and then the rest is history! We met up a few times between June and July 2013. On 25th July 2013 we went for a toastie and a cup of tea and that was that – together since then.

On first impressions

Adrian: My first impression was that she talked a lot, enough for the both of us – and that hasn’t changed! But I liked her straight away, she was easy to be around.

Adrianna: Going from just tweeting each other casually, to then texting each other, to then meeting up – well I was really nervous the first time we met up. When I first saw Adrian, I couldn’t believe how tall he was – 6’7, over 2 metres for reference – so that was a bit of a shock! But I thought he was really charming and easy to talk to. I liked him from the moment we met.

“I think it is true what they say:‘when you know, you know’.”

On knowing it was forever

Adrian: I was at a 21st birthday party in January 2017 and someone asked me if I was going to marry Adrianna… and I said yes!

Adrianna: We had gone on a J1 working holiday in 2016 where we lived and worked in Boston for the summer. It was our first time living together and I really loved it – I think I knew for certain then. So we were both 20 when we knew. I think it is true what they say: ‘when you know, you know’. We have just had so much fun in the last nine years and there are many more to come.

On favourite traits

Adrian: Adrianna just makes me happy and takes care of me, she is patient with me. I’m able to make you laugh, and I love that feeling.

Adrianna: I think what I love most about Adrian is that I can be completely and unapologetically myself with him, I just know that no matter what I do he will always be there for me, supporting me, accepting me for who I am. We have really grown up together and yes, we have changed as people as we have grown and gone through different stages of life – secondary school, college, working life. I lived abroad twice (3 months in Chicago and 6 months in England) and he was always on the other end of the phone. He would have hopped on a plane no questions asked if I needed him to be there. He’s just a constant in my life and that gives me a contentedness that is with me everyday in everything I do.

On the proposal

Adrian & Adrianna: We had booked a holiday in Italy for July/August 2022. We were flying into Naples, then moving onto Sorrento for a few nights where we would tour the Amalfi Coast, visit Capri and Naples, and spend time around the town too. Then we moved onto Rome for a few nights too.

Adrian: It was our third night of the holiday and we had spent the day at the pool and just wandering around the streets of Sorrento. I almost did it in the Parco di Villa Fiorentino, an estate house with a small public garden behind it with grape vines hanging from trees. That wasn’t the original plan though! I had planned to do it at the cliffs overlooking the sea after dinner, but I didn’t do that either! We had gone for dinner in a beautiful restaurant that was set in a lemon grove and it had a garden full of lemon trees, orange trees, herbs and flowers out the back. After dinner we went for a walk in the lemon grove and I decided to do it there.

Adrianna: So we were going for a walk around the lemon grove, and I spotted a rosemary bush – my favourite herb – and I had a sprig of rosemary in my mouth when I turned around and saw him standing there with a little pink box in hand.

Adrian: So there she was, standing there in shock with the rosemary, and I proceeded to open the box and get down on one knee when the ring fell! We heard a little ding on the ground and I spent about 30 seconds looking but then spotted it (thankfully!) And so then I asked and she said yes! The best part was that I knew she would say yes. And I had told no one (not even her parents!) except my younger brother who studies in the Netherlands so he couldn’t spill the beans to any of our family or friends in Ireland.

Adrianna: For me, the best detail was just turning around and seeing the little pink box – a wave of both shock and pure joy came over me! It was a bit of an out of body experience, I was overwhelmed – but the joy in the moment was unforgettable. The whole holiday was amazing and this just added an extra little bit of joy and sparkle to everything we did.

On choosing the ring

Adrian: I was looking for a low risk option that I knew she would love.

Adrianna: Well, I may have mentioned something about grey diamonds and twig bands before…

“I will never forget the big smile on Adrian’s face, the rush of joy and love we both felt.”

On the details that meant the most

Adrianna: Just turning around and seeing the little pink box. I have two Chupi rings already, so I recognised the packaging straight away so I caught on to what was happening. I will never forget the big smile on Adrian’s face, the rush of joy and love we both felt. It was just an extraordinary moment.

On seeing the ring

Adrianna: I heard it before I saw it when it fell on the ground! When he found it and proposed to me, I was instantly in love with the ring. As I mentioned, I love the uniqueness of Chupi’s grey diamonds and twig bands! They are so beautiful and so many people have told me that the ring is ‘very me’. It was a size too big so it had to be resized when we got home. I really missed it being on my hand when it was being resized so I think that shows how much I love it. The master goldsmith did a superb job and it fits perfectly. It also only took 8 days which was an excellent turnaround time, we were both so pleased with the service we got.

“I think marking milestones like that and passing heirlooms down is a lovely thing to do, a lovely way to cherish good times and important people in your life.”

On the story behind the jewellery

Adrianna: All three of my Chupi rings are very important to me. I got my North Star tiny signet ring for my graduation from my parents, my dad got me my North Star band when he retired, and of course Adrian proposed to me with my Love Is All grey diamond. All of them were very significant moments that I want to remember forever. I think marking milestones like that and passing heirlooms down is a lovely thing to do, a lovely way to cherish good times and important people in your life.

On choosing Chupi

Adrian: I knew she loved Chupi jewellery. I knew that Chupi produces high quality jewellery with a unique touch that she loves. Getting a ring from an Irish company was also very important to me. Each piece and the service it comes with has a personal bespoke touch on each piece. I rang the store with a few questions: 1) Could I collect it in store so as to not ruin the surprise for Adrianna, 2) Would it be possible to have it ready in 5 weeks rather than the 6 weeks wait time on the website as I was a bit late coming to the decision on what to get! So when I ordered it and put in that request, a lady called Nadia assured me that they would do everything in their power to have it ready – and it was ready in 4 weeks. So the service was fantastic.

Adrianna: I love the company’s emphasis on sustainability, how Chupi draws inspiration from the Irish landscape. It’s so important to support Irish companies – in particular, Irish companies owned by women.

On advice to other engaged couples

Adrian: Just don’t worry about the proposal, don’t be nervous. Enjoy the experience. Try to keep it a secret. If the time is right for you, go for it. I knew it would make Adrianna happy.

Adrianna: Just enjoy the moment, enjoy all the joy and happiness around you. Embrace all the love that people are sending to you. People really only want the best for you and we really have felt so much love from our family and friends. It’s your own special time and life is for living so make the most of it. We were in our own little bubble in Italy – just the two of us – and it was magical. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

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