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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Stars of Your Stories | 2022


Christmas Gift Ideas for the Stars of Your Stories | 2022

By Kim Brett,
Mon, Nov 14, 2022

Tags: Christmas

Whoever you’re shopping for this season, delve into a selection of beautiful and sentimental fine jewellery gifts, all handcrafted and curated by Chupi

Find the Perfect Christmas Gift

For the one who hung the stars. For your guiding star. Your twin star, or your little star.

There are infinite ways that our most treasured people bring light into our lives, and never more so than at this time of year. This gifting season, immortalise this sentiment and show them just how brightly they shine with fine jewellery rings, earrings, necklaces and beyond. All handcrafted with solid 14k recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds.

From diamond rings for your other half to timeless earrings for your best friend, scroll on to find a sentimental Christmas gift that they’ll cherish for seasons to come…

For the one who hung the stars

From our glittering Crown of Light to our Just the Two of Us necklace, present the light of your life with the gift they’ve been dreaming of: an undeniably romantic piece, scattered with diamonds, designed to symbolise and celebrate our most precious relationships.

Shop the Crown of Heroes Ring

Set with seven baguette cut lab-grown diamonds, this piece was designed to remind us of our strength.

Shop North Star Stud Earrings

One of the brightest stars in the night sky has been captured and held in these beautiful diamond-set studs set in 14k solid.

Shop the Just The Two Of Us Necklace

Two infinity circles, entwined together as a symbol of eternal happiness.

Chupi Just the Two of Us Necklace

Shop the Promise Me Ring

A promise of things to come. A single diamond in a delicate solid gold band.

Chupi Promise Me Ring

For your little star

When you’ve already given them the world, give them the stars. Add to the heirlooms they’ve gathered since childhood with our North Star or To the Moon & Back necklaces, for a gift that will stand the test of time.

Shop the To The Moon & Back Necklace

A crescent moon set with a trio of diamonds. A symbol of hope in an otherwise dark sky.

Chupi To the Moon & Back Necklace

Shop the North Star Necklace

One of the brightest stars in the sky, captured as a twinkling diamond in a solid gold disc.

Chupi North Star Necklace

Shop the Evil Eye Ring

A single lustrous opal, flanked by two diamonds. A beautiful token of protection.

Chupi Evil Eye Opal Ring

Shop the Hope & Magic Ring

Two grey diamonds, one for hope, one for magic, set on a textured gold twig band.

Chupi Hope & Magic Ring

For your guiding star

The comforting light that guides your way. Whoever it is that means ‘mother’ to you, cherish all that she’s done for you (and everything she will do), with our I’d Be Lost Without You necklace, Forever Pearl earrings, and beyond.

Shop the I'd Be Lost Without You Necklace

A twinkling diamond sits at the centre of this star, acting as a guiding compass for the wearer.

Chupi I'd Be Lost Without Necklace

Shop the Teardrop Pearl Necklace

Inspired by a love of imperfect beauty, these shimmering pearls sparkle with the light of the ocean.

Shop the Stars in the Sky Necklace

A trio of diamonds, captured in gold to represent the stars of their stories.

Chupi Stars in the Sky Necklace

Shop the Initial Letter Necklace

A monogrammed gold disc. Ideal for mum, or treating a new mum to her first Christmas gift.

Chupi Initial Letter Necklace

For your twin star

Whether she’s your sister by bond or by blood, you shine the brightest together. Gift her a set of precious Star Studs, our North Star ring or match your Chupi pieces for the ultimate symbol of togetherness.

Shop the Star Studs

Two diamond-set studs, a reminder that even when apart, we are under the same stars.

Chupi Star Stud Earrings

Shop the North Star Band Ring

Engraved with the constellations of the night sky, with a single diamond North Star.

Chupi North Star Band Ring

Shop the Worth Your Weight in Gold Necklace

A solid gold incarnation of an Irish £1 coin – a reminder they’re worth their weight in gold.

Chupi Worth Your Weight in Gold Irish Stag Coin 1992 Necklace

Shop the North Star Tiny Signet Ring

One of the brightest stars in the sky, captured in a delicate diamond signet ring.

Chupi North Star Tiny Signet Ring

For your North Star

Bright and unwavering, we liken the North Star to the light we can all find inside ourselves. Immortalise yours with our Hero Ring, Warrior Ring, or new Baroque Pearl earrings to remind yourself to follow your own North Star.

Shop the Hero Ring

Inspired by the art deco rings of the 1920s, this ring was created as a reminder of our strength.

Chupi Hero Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

Shop the Evil Eye Emerald Ring

A sparkling emerald is held in a solid gold East-West setting, this piece was designed to be a symbol of strength against the many things that ask for our attention in a busy world.

Hard to please? Not with one of these

Give them the gift of choice this Christmas with a Chupi Gift Coin. These shining, hand-illustrated keepsakes function exactly the same as a gift card or voucher – and arrive wrapped in our luxury packaging just like all our other treasures.

Shop the Chupi Gift Coin

Chupi Chupi Gift Coin Voucher
Each Coin comes engraved with a unique code that can be used online or in our flagship store. This code has no expiry date and any unspent balance will remain on the Coin.

Shop all Chupi Christmas fine jewellery gifts here.