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International Women's Day 2020

Chupi Sweetman’s Mum Rosita helped write Chains or Change with a group of brilliant women who wanted to give us equality. This was the manifesto of the Irish Women’s Movement.

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Cover of the Chains or Change manifesto
“Chains or Change was written in 1971 and was very much ahead of it’s time. Not so long ago in Ireland contraception was illegal (1980), rape was legal within marriage (1990), a women would have to give up her job upon getting married (1977) and could be refused a pint in a pub (2002). Just a few of the things that were thought of as normal before feminism changed the world. My wonderful Mum is one of the 12 founding members of the Irish women's movement that fought so hard in the seventies to win us some very basic rights and I am incredibly proud of everything they achieved but it isn't over yet. We aren't equal whilst we don't control our own bodies, earn less than our male colleagues and all of thousand differences that still exist.”
“With the buzz around International Women’s Day, it is sometimes easy to forget what feminism actually means, and what it has done for us.”
“We should all be feminists.” Chupi Sweetman Founder & CEO
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